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Now available to US outdoor enthusiasts looking for new adventure and excitement. Yamaha invented the world’s first electrically power assisted bicycle (PAS) in 1993. Since then Yamaha's focus has been innovating to deliver the most easy-to-use power assist systems. Sporting its distinctive and responsive Yamaha mid-drive power system, the new 2021 models are some of the lightest-weight, and highest-torque, both efficient and competitive. Today, Yamaha is recognized as a pioneering leader in ebikes with over 2 million bicycles and 4 million units produced to empower riders. Whatever life adventure is next on your list, Yamaha’s lineup of power-assist bicycles will get you there. Ride farther. Go Faster. Check back for more product info!

Yamaha CrossCore
Your daily trek isn’t like others. You’re surrounded by hills and you deman...