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It’s an exciting moment for e-transportation. The 2021 Tern line up includes the world’s most compact Bosch electric bike and a full size long tail that has the new Bosch Cargo motor! On top of that there is the HSD P9 Performance. Just like the familiar and well known HSD P9, the performance model upgrades the power to 65nm of torque and a 500wh battery, with all of the same great features that all Terns have. Tern builds bikes that defy expectations for what a folding and cargo bike can do. From the GSD and HSD Cargo models to the Vektron folding ebikes, Tern offers bikes for different types of riders. In test after test, the Vektron is called the best folding ebike on the market. The updated for 2021 Vektron gets even better with improved geometry, Bosch’s newest and virtually silent motor, and a burly, extended rack. With a Vektron, a lot of your car trips will start turning into bike trips. Check back for new models and more product info in 2021!

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