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Bulls ebikes have been a bestseller since their debut at Seattle Electric Bike in 2017. Their latest high performance 2021 ebikes feature industry-leading 625wh batteries and up to 85nm of torque. Designed and engineered in Cologne, Germany since 2010, the elegant Bulls electric models use the Bosch Active Line Plus, Performance Line Sport, Speed or CX power systems, as well as Brose models. Following  a tradition of quality, the Bulls brand partners with premium suppliers to produce innovative ebikes to fit every rider, from full suspension eMTBs to eCommuter bicycles. 

Bulls Iconic EVO TR 1 Speed
Our new SUV faster than ever! Again, you asked for it. We created it. ...
Bulls Copperhead EVO HD Wave
The all new Copperhead EVO HD, the first of its kind, a performance hardtai...
Bulls Urban EVO
The Urban EVO offers true mobility for anyone living in downtown and urban ...
Bulls Urban EVO 10 Diamond
True mobility for everyone in the Cross and Urban areas with new upgrades o...